About Alpha SAR

Highly qualified volunteers dedicated to finding the missing. An all volunteer search and rescue team based Houston, TX.

Area Search Canine Lily after finding a missing person at training Alpha Search and Recovery team members are all volunteers, who dedicate their own time and resources to locating missing persons. All Alpha SAR members receive training in all areas involved in effective and cooperative search and rescue teams. Team members are trained in Incident Command System, which is part of the National Incident Management System used by FEMA and most branches of the Federal Government. Having members trained in ICS and NIMS allows the team to efficiently partner with other government agencies for searches and disaster relief. Team members are also trained to become a SARTech II as outlined by the National Association of Search And Rescue.

All training is provided to Alpha SAR members and member candidates free of charge.

Search and Rescue Members Training with Compass on Land Navigation

Alpha SAR Training:

  • Canine Search Techniques
  • Land Navigation
  • Communications
  • Clue Awareness
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • Tracking
  • KnotsSearch and Rescue Training
  • Survival Techniques
  • Search Management
  • Basic First Aid
  • CPR certifications
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Incident Command System
  • UAV Surveillance
Interested in Joining?

All Alpha SAR members are dedicated volunteers. Some members work with canines, but not all members. Alpha SAR generally trains once a week as a full team and most members train twice a week or more.

So that others may live…
Members are expected to attend as many training sessions as possible. Check the Calendar for dates and times to come out. Interested in joining with your canine, check out our Canine Training page for more information. Want to help, but don’t have the time to dedicate? Visit our Donations page to see how you can help!