2017 Fall Canine Seminar

A lot of learning happening at the 2016 Seminar.


The 2017 Alpha Search and Recovery Fall Canine Seminar will be hosted in Trinity, Texas on November 10th through the 12th with NASAR canine certifications on November 9th.  Alpha Search and Recovery has held a seminar every year for search dogs and their handlers as well as provide certification opportunities through NASAR for the past 4 years.

Please check back frequently. We will be updating this page as we gain more information. Registration will be open August 25th.

National Association for Search and Rescue
The purpose of this seminar is to further the training and education of individuals and their K9 partners so that those teams can go back to their hometowns and make a positive difference for their community and region. We bring in top-quality instructors and utilize the most up-to-date techniques and training aides available to maximize what our students get out of their training.

During this seminar, students and their K9’s will be challenged by both indoor and outdoor scenarios as well as some classroom instruction. There will be certification opportunities and we encourage your feedback as to what certifications you may be interested in acquiring.

The seminar is open to all levels of training, from new to the search and rescue field or a seasoned veteran, we welcome you to join us.

INBTI Logo - International Bloodhound Training Institute LogoTrailing students should purchase or be familiar with the book “How to Train a Police Bloodhound and Scent Discriminating Patrol Dog.” as the instruction and scenarios will be based on these methods. The book may be purchased through Amazon by following the link or by contacting us ahead of time and we will bring some for sale. The International Bloodhound Training Institute (INBTI) will be providing the instructors.

Maverick working a bush line on an incline.

HRD Canine Maverick

There are a variety of registration opportunities, with and without lodging and/or food, and individual options for NASAR Certifications. Preference for NASAR Certifications will go to those attending the seminar, but if there are available slots, we will open additional slots. Please contact the team (info@alphasar.org) if you are interested in a NASAR Certification, but not the entire seminar. Please visit our registration page to register and pay. All registration is first come, first served.

Visit our Smugmug Page to see pictures of last year’s event.


**Instructor list is tentative.**

Instructors (click for bio):

  • Robin Greubel- HRD Instructor

    Robin Greubel

    Robin Habeger Greubel has been involved in canine search and rescue since 2001, starting in wilderness and human remains detection and expanded into disaster work.  She trains and deploys with Nebraska Task Force 1 and Iowa Task Force 1 and is a FEMA instructor and evaluator for both live and HRD.  Robin is also a certifying official with several national organizations, a certified search manager and a search management instructor.  She’s certified multiple dogs in area search, wilderness HRD, disaster and disaster HRD. Robin responds to requests by various law enforcement agencies in and around the state of Iowa to aid in search management and with her canines to resolve cases.  By focusing on training the trainer/handler, students gain an understanding of the behaviors they are trying to achieve.  Robin’s focus will always remain on meeting the dog at its level and training the trainer/handler to use behavior technology to get results faster and more reliably.





  • HRD Instructor



    Bio Coming Soon




  • Tammy Robertson- Lead Elevator HRD

    Tammy Robertson

    Tammy started training dogs 20 years ago, certifying and working with Therapy Dogs International. In 2011, Tammy & K9 Calie passed to became part of TDI’s Disaster Stress Response team and have
    been deployed to work in this capacity to natural disasters in multiple locations. She has also trained Calie in the hunting/retrieving world, achieving titles in both AKC & HRC/UKC.
    Tammy’s involvement with Search and Rescue began in 2012, receiving her Sartech II. She’s a member of Pottawatomie County Emergency Management SAR Team in Oklahoma and serves as
    their K9 Team Leader. She’s also a founding member of K9SearchOK and a member of Texsar.
    Tammy is certified through NASAR as a Funsar Instructor, Sartech II Lead Evaluator, K9 HRD Type II, III & Other Lead Evaluator, and K9 Sartech II & III Area Live Find Lead Evaluator. K9 partner Calie is certified in both SARTECH II Area and HRD III.

    “My strong desire for SAR is to keep us all well trained and
    accountable to ourselves & future victims”

  • Trailing Instructor

    Bio coming soon.






  • Trailing Instructor

    Bio coming soon.






  • Brianna Acevedo- Area Search Instructor

    Brianna Acevedo

    Brianna Acevedo graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor degree in Animal Science. She currently works full time for Global Training Academy (GTA), an internationally recognized training facility providing dogs to law enforcement, military, and fulfilling overseas contracts. She is an instructor/trainer for GTA and produces dogs fully trained in narcotics detection, explosive detection, tracking, and patrol work. Brianna also handles both narcotics and explosive detection dogs for contract searches for schools, prisons, stadiums, and other facilities. Prior to working at GTA she worked for K10 Working Dogs and specialized in the raising and training of puppies to be sold as working dog candidates to military and law enforcement. Brianna is a canine handler federally for Texas Task Force 1 and locally for TEXSAR (Texas Search and Rescue). She currently has a male belgian malinois (Kovu) who is certified with FEMA’s Type 1 USAR Certification Evaluation-Live Find and also certified through NASAR’s Canine SARTECHII Area Search (60-80 acres). She also has a female border collie (Snitch) who is certified through NASAR’s Canine SARTECHII Area Search (60-80 acres) and also certified through GTA and PacesetterK9 for narcotics detection. 


  • Kimberly Kelly - Area Search Instructor

    Bio Coming Soon






2014 Alpha SAR Fall Canine Seminar Goodie Bag

Seminar Goodie Bags and Auction:

Alpha Search and Recovery is known for having some of the best goodie bags and auction items of any SAR Seminar and this year’s seminar will be no exception. Last year’s goodie bags were valued at over $250 and the auction had over $10,000 worth of canine gear, search and rescue pack items, survival gear, and more! The picture on the right is a representation of the gear we had in our goodie bags from 2014. The bags included lots of dog treats, leashes, a SOG knife, wool socks, water bottles, cleaning products, and much more! As we get our sponsors for this year’s goodie bags we will post their information and links.

Click here to see LAST year’s sponsors.

Canine Seminar Accommodations:

Accommodations and food will be provided by YMCA Camp Cullen in Trinity, TX. The seminar will take place on a beautiful facility with over 500 acres available to us. The cabins at this facility are new and recently rebuilt. There are options when you register to include lodging and/or food. Please select the options that best fit you. As there may be locals who will be attending, we wanted to offer a separate option for just food and no lodging.

Please note that the parking area is not next to the cabins.  All dogs will need to be crated inside the cabins at all times.

Camp Map


Seminar Tentative Schedule as of Aug. 9th (Click for Info):

  • Thursday, November 9th

    Check-in for Certifications: Morning

    Check-in for Seminar: Afternoon/ Evening

    NASAR HRD  Certifications: All Day

  • Friday, November 10th

    Check-In: Morning

    HRD: Training – All Day

    Area Search / Air Scent: Training – All Day

    Trailing: Traning – All Day

    Classroom Session: Alzheimer’s and the Searcher – Evening

  • Saturday, November 11th

    Seminar Photo Op: Morning

    HRD: Training  – All Day

    Area Search / Air Scent: Training – All Day

    Trailing: Traning – All Day

    Seminar Auction: Evening

  • Sunday, November 12th

    Trailing: Training – Until the Afternoon

    HRD: Training – Until the Afternoon

    Area Search / Air Scent: Until the Afternoon

Certification Opportunities:

National Association for Search and Rescue

National Association for Search and RescueNASAR Certifications will be offered during the seminar. Please be sure to check your disciplines’ prerequisites on the NASAR Certifications page before registering for the certification opportunity. The written test (for those needing it) will be Thursday, and all certification will take place on Thursday and Friday. The schedule may change once we know the interest for NASAR Certification.

Canine Seminar Costs:

Seminar costs are outlined in the table below. There are registration options for almost any combination, so you may choose to stay and/or eat at home or a hotel if you do not wish to stay at camp. There are options for an additional dog, observer only, and the variety of certifications that will be offered.

Prices will be posted soon.

Add-ons / Options:

Will be posted soon.


Cancellation Policy:

100% refund for cancellation before October 1.

50% refund for cancellation before October 15.

No refund after.